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Server migration

Everything was planned and executed perfectly..

.. except that now, we need to wait for our provider to reroute our old IP addresses to the new server, manually.

So much for one hour of downtime. We will be back tomorrow.

Update #2: Online. Yay.

Update 11th Jun: There seems to have been an IP address conflict on the provider's network for a very short time. Provider support has not been helpful so far. We are working on getting the forum back up within the next few hours. Once it is back online, make sure to report all unexpected site behavior to us immediately.


After a routine reboot for updates a few hours ago, we observed some odd network behavior. We have not heard back from provider support so far. The server has been shut down as a precaution until we know more.

Update #2: We identified and reported a bug in the driver package and with the fixed version, rebooted into the new kernel successfully.

Update: We are back online with the older, working kernel and will keep investigating why the new one does not recognize the card.

The revenge of the driver. The driver issue that was so much fun during the initial setup is back after a recent kernel update. We are looking into having the network card replaced, otherwise it will likely be a few days to debug the driver issue.

We are back. Enjoy the blazing fast forum.

Almost done. One of the database backups failed us, so we have to recreate the search index. The forum will be reachable on the onion addresses in a couple of hours:

csrinru3c2ownkep.onion/forum csrinrutkb3tshptdctl5lyei4et35itl22qvk5ktdcat6aeavy6nhid.onion/forum

The cs.rin.ru domain will be back online as soon as the DNS records have been updated, which should be on Sunday or Monday. Until then, e-mails for activations and notifications will probably also not work.

Back on track. The driver problem has been solved and setup can continue. ETA for onion services is Saturday, possibly without attachments. Domain DNS change will come with the usual propagation delay.

It was all so carefully planned.. and then the new server decided to have an obscure network card and very limited remote access that requires network access during OS installation. Cue several days of tinkering with PXE, kernel parameters, legacy java software and new issues constantly popping up.

Sleep and food have not been had in a long time. This is not how this was supposed to go.

Edit: Also, the security warning that is shown on the domain right now is due to a placeholder SSL certificate (the real one got removed already), nothing to be concerned about.